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23 Side Hustles to Earn Extra Income in Las Vegas in 2023

Looking for the chance to earn some extra cash in your free time in Las Vegas? Side hustles are all the rage these days, and for good reason: they pay well and the work is often easy and fun! At Koster’s Cash Loans, we love finding unique and innovative new ways to make money and sharing this information with everyone we know!

Here, we’re going to present 23 ways to make extra money with the right side hustle for you. With all of the creative and engaging side hustles out there, finding one that fits your income requirements and involves something you already enjoy doing is easy as pie. Let’s get started!


How Can I Make Extra Money in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is an exciting place to live, teeming with opportunities for earning a secondary income, creating or becoming involved in a side hustle, and various opportunities to earn some extra money. Some of these jobs don’t even require you to do anything, allowing you to earn a passive income with your car or property.

These jobs require a high school diploma, but rarely any specialized training otherwise unless noted.


Property RenterRent out your driveway, yard, or garage via services like Prked.$500-$5000 per month
Airbnb Room RenterRent out a spare room in your homeVaries
Car RenterRent out your car when you’re not using it through sites like Turo.Varies
Pool RenterSwimply allows you to rent out your swimming poolVaries
Freelancer (Writing/Graphic Design)Start a blog or website to earn money with writing or graphic design, or enlist with a marketing agency as a freelancerVaries
Rideshare DriverDrive for Uber, Lyft or other local rideshare companies to earn some extra cash on the side. Requires your own car, valid license, and background checksThe sky’s the limit
Grocery and Food DeliveryDelivering groceries or food with DoorDash, Instacart or a local equivalent for extra cashVaries
Night Trash CollectorThis involves picking up bags or bins of trash and recycling at apartment complexes and taking them to the property’s dumpsters. You can find this job on Indeed. It is typically localized, meaning you’re not taking garbage to the landfill or anything like that.Up to $21/hour
Human BillboardGet paid to walk or dance around wearing signs and sometimes costumes.Up to $28/hour
Part-time bartenderLocal pubs and bars are frequently hiring bartendersAverage $14/hour
Mobile Car DetailerOffer to go to clients to detail their cars. Look up the neighborhoods with the highest number of vehicles and pass out cards or flyers with your services, or ask friends & family to help you by referring you to others.Up to $20/hour
Flier DistributorTest incoming or outgoing products for companies. You can find these jobs at ZipRecruiter.Average $16-$20/hour
QA InspectorTest incoming or outgoing products for companies. You can find these jobs at ZipRecruiter.The sky’s the limit
Virtual AssistantKeep an executive organized, plan travel, keep calendars, send emails, and more. You can find these jobs on Indeed.com as well as Upwork and Fiverr.Up to $22/hour
Goods FlipperIf you have an eye for quality and great deals, you can easily find items in retail stores to resell online.$500-$2500 depending on resale values
Part-Time Tour GuideTraining programs are available for those who would like to become a Las Vegas tour guide and take groups of people around the city. Find job listings on SimplyHired, Indeed, and LinkedIn.Up to $23/hour
Secret ShopperSecret or mystery shoppers are needed to evaluate retail stores in your area. You can find these jobs on Indeed.com.Varies
Home Auto MechanicA qualified auto mechanic can work from home, and wait to be sent to offices or residences where auto work is needed on a car. You would work as an independent contractor affiliated with YourMechanic.$70/hour
Package Delivery DriverIf you don’t want to shuttle around people or their food, what about their packages? Amazon Flex hires people to deliver packages locally using their own vehicles.$15 – $19/hour
Pet SitterPet sitters are in high demand and can command excellent earnings based on who you work with. Find pet-sitting services on Rover, Wag, or various other services$12 to $20/hour
Notary PublicA formal government designation, notaries public take a 3-hour, $45 exam in Nevada to get their “commission”$0.50 to $10 per signature up to $200 for specialized services
Wedding OfficiantMove over, Elvis! As a wedding officiant in Las Vegas you’ll get paid to guide happy couples through their wedding ceremonies. You can get your credentials online through the Universal Life Church Monastery.$250 to $500 per ceremony
Flier DistributorDistribute flyers to local businesses or residences. You can find area businesses hiring for this on SimplyHired.Around $16/hour

What is the Highest-Paid Side Hustle?

The most highly-paid side hustle tends to be the one where you specialize in a niche that has a lot of demand and has a high earning potential. 


The Importance of Specialization

With side hustles, it pays to specialize. The more people who are interested in your hustle and how proficient you are in its execution, the higher your earning potential. When there are only a few people specializing in a service that is in high demand, people will pay more to get the right person for the job.

If you don’t have a specialization that is in high demand, the amount you can make depends largely on the time you have to devote to your side hustle, especially with any of the driving or delivery jobs. Your best bet is to specialize in something people want, but even if you can’t do that, you can still maximize your earning potential with one of the more traditional side hustles like rideshares, or package or food delivery.


How Can I Make $2000/$5000 Per Month with My Side Hustle?

An easy way to calculate your potential earnings for any side hustle is to index the amount paid for it and multiply that by how many hours you have to devote to it per month.

If the amount given is a range, multiply the lower number to get the low end of what you can expect and the higher number for the high end. You may even earn more! This is, however, a good way to determine what you’ll get from various side hustles.


Koster’s Cash Loans: Get What You Need

At Koster’s Cash Loans, we know that money can be tight sometimes. Side hustles offer great ways to make money in your free time, and you don’t even have to do a thing for some of them! Securing a passive income is a great way to shore up your financial organization and make sure you have enough saved for emergencies, vacations, and much more.

If you find yourself in a tighter spot than expected, Koster’s Cash Loans is available to get you the money you need to get back on your feet, with no collateral required and simplified repayment terms. Contact us today!

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