Financial Tips

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5 Financial Tips for Surviving the Sandwich Generation

If you're a part of the Sandwich Generation, you're probably feeling pulled in several different directions at once--both literally and financially.  The sandwich generation is a growing group of adults simultaneously caring for their children and aging parents. While most are in their 40s and 50s, millennials make up...
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7 Practical Money-Saving Tips for Millennials

Today, most discussions about financial management for millennials leave them wondering whether the people out there understand their unique situation or not. For example, advice on tax-loss harvesting is way over the head of most millennials, and telling them to save half of their earnings when that is what...
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Great Low-Cost Holiday Gift Ideas for 2020

The holidays are the season of giving. Everyone in your circle of loved ones deserves a gift that reflects how fondly you think of them all year long. Gift-giving is a chance to show how well you know someone by choosing something they would love, or considerately choosing something...
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10 Ways To Save Money When Eating Out

When you are on a budget (like most of America these days), you always look to slash the higher and optional expenses first. At the top of that elimination list is eating out, for obvious reasons. Eating out can easily cost 5 times or more than preparing the same...
backyard wedding set up around pool

9 Ideas For A Frugal And Successful DIY Wedding

Planning a wedding on a budget doesn't have to mean cutting back. In fact, many DIY frugal weddings have been some of the most joyful, beautiful, and footloose celebrations that have ever graced internet photo albums. No doubt, you've been flipping through online images of gorgeous beaming brides surrounded...
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