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How to Earn Extra Money for the Holidays

Spending during the holidays can be stressful for families every year, and this year has likely brought even more financial anxiety than ever. People still want to give loved ones gifts and provide great holiday memories and meals, but many are feeling like it is impossible with their current money situation. Fortunately, there are several ways you can earn extra money before the holidays, which can help alleviate some financial stress that comes at the end of each year.

1. Declutter and Sell Old Belongings

Many people acknowledge that they have a bit of a clutter problem, but it can be difficult to decide what to keep and what should go. Decluttering can not only free up space in your home, and your mind, it can also bring you some extra cash if you can sell items you no longer use. Getting started is the hardest part, but once you gain some momentum, it feels good to sort through old things and get cash in return!


There are several online and in-store places you can sell new or gently-used clothing items. Locally, many cities have stores like Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet where you can get cash for your clothes. You can also list individual items on Facebook Marketplace to sell them directly to a buyer in your area.

If you’d rather sell your clothes online, try thredUP.com. With thredUP, you ship your clothes to them, and they do all the listing for you. As soon as one of your items sells, you get cash or store credit. ThredUP can also be a thrifty place to purchase gifts for your loved ones, as they offer thousands of discount clothing items of all styles and many sizes.


When most people get a new computer or phone, they put their old one in a closet or drawer to collect dust. If you have any old electronics sitting around, consider selling them to a company like Gazelle or Amazon’s Trade-in Program. You can also check your local area for stores that buy used electronics, helping you put more cash in your pocket.

Anything Else

If you have other items that people might be interested in buying, like cool collectables or rare books, you can list them on eBay for online sales or Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for local ones. Be sure to take excellent photos of your items and provide an accurate, yet alluring description to entice prospective buyers.

2. Get Crafty

Aside from selling your unused items, perhaps you can use some creativity and turn them into something new that you could also sell online! Online marketplaces are a perfect place to sell homemade goods, especially while people are shopping for unique items to give as gifts for the holidays too.


Etsy has become the biggest online marketplace to sell anything and everything, especially homemade goods and products. Etsy allows you to list your products for $0.20 a piece, and they charge a 5% transaction fee on your sales. Etsy also provides all kinds of online marketing tools that can help you grow your business and find more customers!

Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is a community of artisans that pass an application and audit to ensure products will truly be handmade. Here, you can open a store and list items for free, but Amazon will take 15% of your sale. Amazon Handmade provides you with a custom URL, making it easier for you to share your store with friends, family, and social media followers!


RedBubble is a great option for people who don’t have crafting supplies or other resources to get a craft business off the ground. RedBubble is an online marketplace that allows you to submit digital art and designs to be printed on hundreds of products. After you submit your design, Redbubble lists it on all kinds of products, and they do the printing and shipping whenever someone buys it. It’s also free to create an online store and submit designs, and you can set your own prices. Redbubble keeps the predetermined base price, and you keep the profits!

3. Try an App


If you have a car, you can make some extra cash by signing up to be a driver for a ridesharing app like Uber or Lyft. You can work as little or as much as your schedule allows. Providing excellent service can help you get more tips, also increasing your income.

Food Delivery

Several food delivery apps have popped onto the scene in recent years. Apps like DoorDash and GrubHub operate much like rideshare apps, in that you can work whenever you want and however long you want. Simply pick up people’s orders from their specified restaurant, and leave them on their doorstep.

Household Tasks

Got a toolbox, truck, or strong arms? If so, check out TaskRabbit. This app allows people to find or offer services, like putting together IKEA furniture, mounting a TV, helping with moving, taking care of yard work, and more. You can set your own hourly rate and schedule, and they provide tools to help you grow your business.

How We Can Help

The holiday season can be a stressful time, especially when it comes to money, but this year it doesn’t have to be. At Koster’s Cash Loans, we offer quick and convenient loans that you can use for holiday shopping and preparations, as well as other unforeseen expenses that arise out of nowhere. We have two locations in the Las Vegas, NV area, and you can apply online for free!

Our loan professionals will work with you to help you determine how much you may need, and what pricing plan may best for you. We never charge for early payoffs on loans, and some may even be eligible for discounts on early payoffs. We are passionate about helping local people and families feel more safe and secure when financial struggles hit. Contact us today if you need a short-term loan for the holiday season.

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