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10 Ideas for Earning Extra Money in Your Spare Time

Right now, many people have a little extra spare time on their hands. Others are worried about their finances and would like to productively fill those hours. Are you looking for ways to earn a little extra money in your spare time? Consider these great ideas.

1. Make some money off of some of those crafts.

Many people have taken up crafting in their hours at home: crocheting, knitting, sewing, doing woodwork, and a host of others. All those crafts can pile up quickly in your home–but not if, instead, you use them as a source of extra money! Shift your focus to things that people need and will purchase. Then, start selling! You might not have the option to join a craft show this year, but you can set up an Etsy page, market your products on Facebook marketplace, or create your own website to promote your crafts.

Pro tip: When it comes to using your crafting skills to increase your income, you have two options: make items to order, or make what you want and see how long it takes them to sell. If you have plenty of extra time and know how many orders you can handle at a time, making them to order can prevent you from ending up with excess inventory. On the other hand, that method can leave you overwhelmed with orders or struggling to find materials if you see more volume than expected.

2. Utilize your expertise to write blog posts and other content.

There are plenty of great opportunities out there for freelance writers and bloggers, especially those with knowledge of specific industries. If you have highly specific knowledge, consider sharing it through blogging or writing. You can write posts for others to help generate income quickly, or you can use your skills to spread the word about your own name and talents.

3. Take online surveys.

Online surveys may not typically pay out a lot on the spot, but they can deliver a steady stream of income, especially if you take them while watching TV, sitting beside the pool, or engaging in some other task that does not require your full attention. Sites like InboxDollars, SurveyJunkie, and Swagbucks all offer considerable rewards for sharing your opinion. Some surveys will even send free samples to your home so that you can try out the product before you leave a review or take a survey.

4. Try out some mystery shopping.

If you’re comfortable going out in public as many stores and activities start to reopen, consider working as a mystery shopper. Right now, mystery shoppers are providing valuable extra information in addition to their usual customer satisfaction observations: they’re keeping up with how local stores are adhering to safety regulations, including mask requirements and social distancing. If you’re not interested in going into a store in person, look for mystery shopper opportunities that will allow you to test out curbside or delivery options for local businesses.

5. Become an influencer.

Influencers have a great deal of social media power. If you already have a significant social media following, you may be able to take advantage of it. As an influencer, you’ll do product reviews and recommendations. Many companies will pay for these great recommendations. As your following increases, so will your rates. As with surveys, many brands that are interested in using your abilities as an influencer may send you products to test out.

6. Sign up for Fiverr.

On Fiverr, people put up jobs that they’re willing to pay someone else $5 to complete. It could be everything from writing verses for greeting cards to coming up with blog topics or even writing some short blurbs. Clients might ask you to put together brief assignments. You can quickly make $5 at a time–and over time, those little $5 assignments can add up!

7. Mow lawns.

Do you have more time than usual to devote to your own lawn? What about others’ lawns? Now is the perfect time to get out there and do some landscaping or yard work. You can create a contact-free experience that will allow you to take care of those responsibilities without coming into direct contact with other people, especially if you allow for virtual payment.

8. Grow your own produce.

A little garden of your own can help you cut some costs and even generate some income at the same time. Your produce can transform into dollars when you sell at a local market or put extra produce up for sale on Facebook marketplace. Not only that, it will allow you to decrease some of your grocery expenses–which can prove vital when you’re a little tight on cash.

9. Learn some investment strategies.

The stock market has seen some significant drops recently, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of investing opportunities. Learn a little more about the investment options available to you, especially the ones that fit within your budget and your comfort level with risk. Real estate investing, for example, provides you with a tangible asset that you can use to generate a steady stream of income.

10. Check out HealthyWage.

Did you gain a few extra pounds during quarantine? Want extra incentive to get it off? HealthyWage will pay you to lose weight and get in shape. You start by issuing a “bet,” then see how it pays out due to your commitment. That’s one way to convince yourself to step away from the junk food and start doing what’s necessary to meet your goals–and it will help generate a little extra income, too!

Even if you’re working hard to generate additional income with your spare time, it can take time for that income to start going up. In the meantime, a cash loan can help provide the funds you need for some of the initial expenses associated with those efforts or tide you over until money starts coming in again. Need more information about cash loans and how they can help you? Contact us today.

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