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First-Class DIY Bridal Shower Gifts You Can Present With Pride

If it’s summer, you can bet you will be invited to at least one wedding in Las Vegas. This is, after all, the undisputed wedding capital of the world. But what happens when you’ve been asked to attend more bridal showers than your checking account can handle? Here’s an idea: Make your own gifts.

If you think you can’t make a bridal shower gift you can be proud of, do think again. Here are some of our favorite DIY shower gift ideas:

Big Day Survival Kit

Fill a canvas tote with a thoughtful assortment of just-in-case items to ensure your friend’s big day goes off without a snag. Stuff one zip bag with beauty essentials, including mascara, dental floss, makeup remover wipes, tweezers, and clear nail polish. Another zip bag can hold hem tape, tweezers, a roll of antacid tablets, and a compact vial of relaxing lavender essential oil. Go ahead and tuck a toy wedding ring into the survival kit, too, just in case the best man leaves the real deal in his other pants on the day of the nuptials.

A bountiful bouquet of kitchen essentials

Even if the bride-to-be has added a zillion items to her gift registry, there’s bound to be a few important things she forgot to list. Take up the slack without breaking your budget when you collect a generous assortment of kitchen utensils and arrange them into an attractive bouquet. Wooden spoons, egg whisks, spatulas, long tongs, and a soup ladle are everyday items you can use to make a thoughtful DIY shower gift that will be doubly appreciated when the newlyweds start making meals in their new home.

A bevy of baked goods

If you’ve got considerable bakery skills, put them to excellent use by pulling together a splendid selection of sweet treats that can be served at the bridal shower. Lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies, mini tarts, and chewy nutty chocolate brownies are always welcomed wherever good friends gather to celebrate. Bring a restaurant sized coffee carafe to the party along with an assortment of flavored teas to please the hostess and her guests.

Heartfelt song lyric wall art

If you know your friend’s favorite song lyric, or if the happy couple has a special song they consider ‘theirs,’ make wall art to immortalize a stanza or two, recommends A Beautiful Mess craft weblog. Start by scrounging thrift stores to find a vintage artwork that you won’t mind painting over.

At a hardware store, grab a package of stick-on vinyl letters and a can of white spray paint. Adhere letters to the artwork to spell out a meaningful lyric, then spray the whole thing with white paint. Let dry, then peel away the vinyl letters to reveal the artwork underneath. Pop the whole shebang into a frame, and present the bride-to-be with a gift she’ll appreciate always.

Amazing wire wrapped serving utensils

No newlyweds can own too many salad servers, right? If you have more time on your hands than money, make a bridal shower gift that will astound the bride-to-be. All you need is a great imagination, an assortment of vintage costume jewelry beads, and copper wire. Thread beads onto the wire, then wrap utensil handles snugly. For extra strength, adhere a few of the beads to the handles with a dab of hot glue. Enclose a hand-lettered note card in the gift box to remind the happy couple that these splendid servers are not dishwasher safe.

DIY welcome mat

Las Vegas is a notoriously dusty place, and there’s no better way to keep that desert dust outside than with a pretty hand-decorated welcome mat. Start with a sturdy sisal mat, then add your idea of beauty with acrylic craft paints. If you can’t paint a straight line, no worries. Stick lines of painters masking tape on the mat to create geometric shapes, then paint to your hearts content. Once dry, carefully peel away the tape to reveal your one-of-a-kind dirt catching creation.

Personalized cookbook

If the bride-to-be is forever complimenting your cooking, share your culinary secrets in a DIY cookbook she’s sure to use. Compile your favorite recipes into a loose leaf binder according to theme. Start with appetizers and work your way to desserts. You can hand write the recipes, or print them out before slipping each page into a protective plastic notebook sleeve, suggests Savvy Eats magazine.

Pedicure in a jar kit

This wonderfully offbeat gift is so unusual, you’re sure to be the only guest at the shower who brings one for the bride-to-be. Start with a wide mouth mason jar, then add an assortment of emery boards, cotton rounds, toe separators, orange sticks, and pretty polishes. Tie a colorful ribbon around the jar, and voila. This thoughtful gift will remind the nervous bride of the importance of taking time out for a beauty break now and then.

Moving day tote

If the bride and groom will be coming home from a honeymoon and moving into their first home together, they’ll definitely appreciate a thoughtful moving day survival tote. Fill a brand new cleaning bucket with dish soap, sponges, scouring powder, and bathroom tissue. Bottled water, high-protein granola bars, and aspirin are other affordable additions to tuck into the tote.

Jewel colored jellies

If you’ve got kitchen skills and an abundance of fresh fruit, now is the right time to put up a batch or three of jewel colored jellies and jams. Practical mason jars brimming with tasty spreads are an ideal gift for a busy bride-to-be, and they’re not hard to make. Finish each jar with a festive ribbon and hand-written sentiment wishing the happy couple a lifetime of joyous breakfasts together.

Next time you’re invited to a bridal shower, don’t worry about busting your budget. Everyone’s short on cash sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip the party. Use your talents and imagination to make DIY presents you can be proud to give. Need a loan today? Contact us without delay.

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