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The Best Transportation Options in Las Vegas 2023

Ride-sharing apps have become an integral part of the transportation system in Las Vegas over the past several years, especially Uber and Lyft. While these apps can be convenient, portable, and easy to use for many looking for transportation around Sin City, local public transportation offers various alternatives such as the Monorail, local taxis, and limousine services that riders find enjoyable and expedient.

At Koster’s Cash Loans, we know our way around Las Vegas. Here are some of our favorite ways to get around and how they compare when it comes to your wallet.


Las Vegas Public Transportation Options

Public transportation options are plentiful in Las Vegas, offering locals and tourists alike plenty of inexpensive and accessible ways to move about the city and reach all of their destinations.


The Las Vegas Monorail

The Monorail is a convenient means of transport, especially if you’re moving between hotels with nearby stops. A single ride is about $5, while a day pass is around $12. The Monorail offers fast and convenient service to many of the Strip’s most famous casinos.


Taxi Services

Blazing-fast taxis transport eager tourists and local workers in and around the city at the riders’ request. Most taxi services require cash payment; if all you’re carrying is plastic, make sure you discuss this with the driver before taking off. There’s nothing like a payment fiasco to darken your trip to Las Vegas! Fortunately, ATMs are abundant along the strip, including free and reduced-rate options.


The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC)

If you’re looking to check out the sights economically, the RTC bus system is at your service. A two-hour route is $6 along the Strip and $3 off of the Strip.


Airport Shuttles

These offer great opportunities to get from hotels to downtown, and usually charge around $10 per trip. Make sure you check with your hotel for the appropriate schedule.


Pros of Public Transportation

The pros of public transit options are that they are universally available to locals and visitors alike, and many are available 24/7. They generally offer the best options in terms of spending as little as possible, and the routes are designated to get people to the most popular destinations in the city.


Cons of Public Transportation

Cons of public transportation are that some may feel they are crowded or have some anxiety about being aboard a bus with a lot of other people or sitting down in a taxi seat that is still warm from the previous fare. Because these options are designed to get as many people to the Strip as possible, locals may find that they are rather limited in terms of getting to other parts of the city, or may have to arrange for multiple options to get to work or return home every day (i.e. a bus and the Monorail).


Private Services

Las Vegas is also home to a number of transportation services offered on a more private basis. These options include networked services (ride shares), car rentals, and limousine services for those seeking a less public experience. While these options are certainly tailored to more of an individualized experience, they are also usually more expensive than public options.


Car Rentals

Renting a car gives you a chance to explore Las Vegas entirely on your own terms and schedule, without having to share space and transit options with anyone else. For an economy car, the standard price in Las Vegas is usually around $25 to $30 per day.


Transportation Networked Services (Ride Shares)

Just like every other metropolis in the United States and around the world, ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have taken transit by storm. A favorite service of nearly everyone who has used them, Uber and Lyft are both available in Las Vegas and are easily the best-known and most densely populated with quality drivers to make your stay a breeze. 

Many other ride-sharing companies such as Curb, Tryp, Blacklane, and Carmel are also available in Las Vegas, if you are looking to get away from the Top 2.


Limousine Services

Do Vegas in style with premium transport in a limousine as you make your way around the city. Turn heads with your arrival and departure. You can find a considerable variety of limo services, limo sedans, limo SUVs and more for as little as $35/hour


Pros of Private Services

The pros of private transportation services are that you can generally tailor them to your needs however you’d like, you don’t have to worry about sharing space with a lot of other people, and they can be more relaxing in terms of getting you around.


Cons of Private Services

The major con of the private options is that they are considerably more expensive than the public ones. Even ride-sharing, which many deem a perfect replacement for taxis, has its issues with pricing in terms of peak or surge and off-peak/off-surge designations, which are frequently put in place without much or any notice by Uber, Lyft, and the other ride-share companies. As shown above, vehicle rental and especially limo services can be even higher.


Comparing Options

Public transportation options are always going to be more economical than renting a car or limo, or even getting a ride share. You can make these options more economical by dividing up the cost between several people -or a crowd of people for a limousine- but taking the bus or a taxi is going to be more inexpensive and, for many, the perfect way to get around the city. 

As many facets of Las Vegas are for most people, this is an individualized experience. To get the most out of your trip to Vegas or to get settled into your new home, considering your budget and your comfort levels with various forms of transportation is a must. See what you can afford and what you’re willing to negotiate on, and go from there.


Thinking of Buying a Car? Koster’s Can Help!

We’re proud of our fair city in that options for public and private transportation are quite literally everywhere in town, but sometimes it can make sense to think about buying a vehicle. If this is the case, we’d love to discuss your options. At Koster’s Cash Loans, we’re here to provide you with installment loans that give you money in your pocket when you need it.

No matter which option you choose, Koster’s Cash Loans is here to help you out when you need assistance. Whether you’re looking for the most affordable transportation option to get around Las Vegas in 2023 or you’re looking to purchase a car, let us help you find the best option for you.

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